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Trikatu Churna - organic (100 g)

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by Classic Ayurveda

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    Trikatu Churna (powder), organic

    Traditional Ayurvedic spice blend

    For our Trikatu powder, we use high-quality, sustainably sourced raw materials that are carefully harvested, cleaned and dried. Although it is a traditional product, modern manufacturing and drying processes are also used in compliance with internationally applicable hygiene standards.

    Each batch goes through our quality management and is tested for heavy metals, bacteria and mold as well as possible other parameters by a German certified laboratory. Our quality management attaches particular importance to testing the microbiological load of the plant material.

    With a tropical origin like India, this is a crucial aspect for product safety. If necessary, we carry out a gentle germ reduction.

    • Traditional Ayurvedic spice blend from controlled organic cultivation
    • Pure herbal preparation without fillers or additives
    • Country of origin: India

    With all its components and secondary plant substances, it contains the full value of the plant.

    Trikatu - one of the most important spice mixtures in Ayurveda.

    It consists of 3 spices:

    • Pippali (long pepper)
    • Maricha (black pepper)
    • Sunthi (ginger)

    All 3 herbs, mixed in equal parts, have the taste rasa (spicy) and enhance each other's effect due to their similar properties.

    Vata and Kapha are decreased, Pitta is increased by taking Trikatu, providing a comfortable warmth that benefits dominant Vata and Kapha doshas.
    Trikatu is an "Agni kindler" (it stimulates the digestive fire) and an "Ama incinerator". The shrotas (circulation channels) are cleaned.

    If you have any questions, call me on +49 8801 3950318 . You can also fill out the contact form. Thanks very much

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