The Pad "Gold" mobile phone Chip

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by humanum

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    Transformation Pad Gold

    Areas of application:

    For mobile phone, navigation system, W-LAN, router, Bluetooth devices (e.g. headset) etc

    The pad is glued to the outside of the device housing.

    Scope of delivery: 1 piece

    It is not based on the idea of ​​"protection" but rather on the idea of ​​permeability, the transparency of the body cells through an increased supply of cell-available light.

    Humans can absorb these ultra-weak light particles into their body cells. This can result in self-regeneration. The knowledge and process for the production of this is very old. If you have any questions, please give us a call. Transformation products are available as home transformation (EFH, MFH), mobile transformation (for on the go), pads for a wide variety of technical devices: cell phones, Dect telephones, TV & PC screens, laptops, pads, navigation systems, DVD players. As a result, people who use our transformation products describe that they create a subjective feeling of being in a kind of "life-affirming space".

    The products delivered about 20 years ago are still stable in their function today. If you deal intensively with the burdens from technical fields, you will recognize the immense health effects that can arise. The desire for protection is relative since these fields exist everywhere! The basic idea of ​​our pads is to use an "information-empty space" which, in our experience, opens up the possibility for the body's own immune system to be able to supply itself with very weak cell light from the surrounding space fields. This can result in the strengthening of the immune system in humans.

    Application: The pads are attached diagonally opposite each other. Except for the cell phone pad. They are self-adhesive. Position: They are glued to the front of the outer casing, the casing frame or directly to the screen, monitor, TV or tablet PC. Always including the "largest possible" area, therefore in the corners. Stick one pad in the bottom left corner and the second pad in the top right corner. Do the same for a DVD player or receiver, only on the top (view from above) of the device. In general with regard to all pads: Alternatively, attachment to the back of the outer housing, at the same positions, is also possible.

    Laboratory: humanum - Hauptstr. 14 in 91091 Grossenseebach



    If you have any questions, call me on +49 8801 3950318 . You can also fill out the contact form. Thanks very much

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