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Stone of Harmony

Item num.: Stein-d-H

by Schwarzkopf GmbH

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    The mystical play of colors and individual color structures, sometimes more and sometimes less pronounced, make each stone unique.

    Usage Recommendations

    The stone of harmony is worn as a pendant, also e.g. when resting / sleeping or placed very close to the body. When handled properly, the Stone of Harmony retains its elemental power for a very long time, many years.

    Avoid mechanical, thermal and chemical effects and changes, e.g. heating, sealing, painting, oiling, etc. The stone works through its field, so direct contact with water is not necessary. Maximum residence time under water: a few minutes.

    Care and cleaning with a dry or damp, soft cloth.

    Specifications : Stone of Harmony:

    Dimensions: 67x40x15mm
    Weight: 22.6g

    Material: petrified wood (pressed under high pressure for a very high carbon content), high skin tolerance and pleasantly warm, slightly woody smell

    Colour: please select (unique color play and pattern in natural colours)

    Scope of delivery: The stone has a small hole across the top, into which a ribbon for hanging is already threaded, a spare ribbon is also included. The stone is delivered in exclusive, high-quality jewelry packaging with usage recommendations and a stone booklet.

    Similar to illustration, as each stone is unique.


    All properties described here are only observations and are not promises of salvation.
    Please always consult a doctor for all complaints.

    If you have any questions, call me on +49 8801 3950318 . You can also fill out the contact form. Thanks very much

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