Schungit-Pyramide poliert (1 piece)

Item num.: 03schungit-pyr

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    original shungite from Karelia

    The shungite pyramid combines the effect of a pyramidal geometric shape with the beneficial effects of shungite on health.


    Shungite pyramid protects you against negative rays and changes and structures living spaces with positive energy.



    3x3cm - weight: approx. 20g - effect: approx. 1.2 m

    5x5cm - weight: approx. 80g - effect: approx. 2.5 m

    7x7cm - weight: approx. 180g - effect: approx. 3.8 m

    8x8cm - weight: approx. 330g - effect: approx. 5 m

    10x10cm - weight: approx. 580g - effect: approx. 7.5 m

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