Phyto-Essentials (3x500ml) (1,5 l)

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    liquid essence containing approx. 70 bioactive, organic minerals and trace elements of herbal origin.

    This liquid essence from the Rocky Mountains contains approx. 70 bioactive, organic minerals and trace elements of herbal origin, the whole range in minerals which a person needs for his health.
    They come from a prehistoric primeval forest ago in the southern Rocky Mountains, which was buried by a volcano millions of years. The mineral-rich, herbal material are extracted from deep within the earth and soaked in spring water. The result is this unique, liquid essence. The minerals in Phyto-Micromineral Primal Essence should not be confused with anorganic minerals obtained from clay, sandstone, ocean sediment such as, for example, bottled mineral water. These minerals of herbal origin are microscopically small, approx. 5000 to 7000 smaller than red blood cells, and are negatively charged (negative ions). These tiny minerals are therefore easily absorbed in the intestines. Because of their size and negative charge the Micro minerals have the capability to pass through cell membranes unhindered. This special composition and the distinctive plant metabolism give these minerals a high potency. Anorganic minerals originating from clay, sandstone or ocean sediment (with 3 - 8 % absorption rate), as well as pharmaceutical-grade chelated minerals (with a 25 - 30 % absorption rate) are not as effectively assimilated. This product is subject to strict production guidelines, so that purity, consistency and quality of the nutrients is ensured. This product does not contain herbicides, pesticide, steroids, hormones, sugars, yeast, milk products, corn, soy, artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. None of the ingredients have been genetically manufactured. Oxidized minerals may occasionally appear as flakes in the product Phyto- Micromineral Primal Essence.   This does not reduce the efficacy of this product.
    water, minerals and trace elements of plant origin.
    This concentrate contains the following minerals in their natural composition: Chromium (2. 46 mg), Cobalt (1. 47 mg), Manganese (7. 9 mg), Vanadium (0. 2 mg), Iron (160 mg), Copper (0. 3 mg), Sodium (40. 7 mg), Zinc (88 mg), Calcium (452 mg), Magnesium (348 mg), Silicon (35. 7 mg). Trace elements antimony, erbium, indium, osmium, samarium, terbium, barium, europium, iodine, palladium, sulphur, thallium, beryllium, fluorine, iridium, phosphorus, scandium, thorium, bismuth, gadolinium, potassium, platinum, selenium, thulium, bromine, gallium, lanthanum, Praseodymium, silver, Titanium, cerium, germanium, lutetium, rhenium, nitrogen, wolfram, caesium, gold, molybdenum, rhodium, strontium, ytterbium, chlorine, hafnium, neodymium, rubidium, Tantalium, yttrium, dysprosium, holmium, niobium, ruthenium, tellurium, zirconium.
    Recommended Dose:
    The best time to take Phyto-Microminerals is during or shortly after breakfast or lunch. It is best to take the extract mixed with some juice or water. Evening is not a good time to take the minerals because their stimulating effect may keep you awake. Adults take 1 - 2 tablespoons per day, children 1 - 2 teaspoons and infants 1 teaspoon.
    Rocky Mountain Phyto Essentials
    Net Volume:
    500 ml

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