Pflantwater 125ml (125 ml)

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    Plant water produces water with nurturing and regenerating properties.

    Our customers have been using this water for the flowers and plants in their gardens for years. It is used for indoor plants as well as in horticulture or agriculture. It can be used in the usual irrigation water and externally for spraying and spraying. Plant water is 100% natural and can be used without restrictions. In organic / ecological farming, it is not subject to approval. We recommend a regular application period of three months at the beginning. The plant receives special attention by "spraying and dusting" its leaves, stalks and flowers. You spray about a meter around the plants "mist" the plant properly.

    Cultivation and regeneration:

    For intensive use in germination and diseases spray daily or put a little in the soil.

    Plant water is intended for regular watering, for targeted intensive use to prepare the soil, for composting and for growing young plants. Regular use intensifies the properties.

    Dosage and application:
    Spray bottle 50 ml - 13 drops

    Spray bottle 500 ml - 20 drops

    Watering can 10-20 liters - 40 drops


    Laboratory: Laboratorium Humanum

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