baking soda (powder) . (1 Kg)

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by Purux

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Content: 1 Kg

Base Price: 4,95 € / Kg
Quantity available: 4 x 1 Kg
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    Baking soda for universal use
    High-quality sodium bicarbonate in practical 1 kg bags made from sugar cane.

    According to a current analysis according to DIN EN ISO 11885 2009-09, an independent laboratory was not able to prove any aluminum in the product, the packaging itself is also aluminum-free.

    The facts at a glance
    • Food quality E500 ii, finely ground
    • tried and tested home remedy
    • Raw material for the production of food and cosmetics (e.g. alkaline baths)
    • Content: 1 kg
    • Soda powder vegan as baking powder, baking soda and as base powder

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