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    Room oasis - harmonizer - protection for the apartment

    The room oasis consists of a base part and a plug that acts like an antenna. In this interaction, geopathic, electromagnetic field disturbances (EMF) are neutralized.

    Physics for more harmony: The Schwarzkopf room oasis works according to the complex principle of quantum mechanics, researched and partially described by Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman. Specially made for rooms and workplaces. The space oasis makes living together more harmonious by neutralizing interference fields within a radius of ten meters. That is why it is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and lounges in everyday life.
    The Schwarzkopf room oasis reduces EMF fields - these are among other things the cause of:
    • bad sleep
    • nervousness
    • Itching, tension, etc.

    In the living area:
    At home, the room oasis creates a pleasant living climate by reducing the EMF fields. Perfect for the living room, the kitchen or any other room where the family spends time together.

    Raum Oase 12 meter

    In the sleeping area:
    Sleep better and more effectively - good deep sleep phase. During the night's rest, the room oasis is perfect as a haven of peace. In the beginning, if possible, stand at the foot end to get used to the pleasant rest. The sleep time can be shortened by the good deep sleep phase.

    At work/study:
    Less E-load at the workplace for higher concentration. At work or at school, your new space oasis can be placed anywhere. The stress-free room enables an optimally increased ability to concentrate and increased stress management.

    In the car:
    Increased well-being in the car - The effect is also evident in vehicles, since the EMF stresses generated by the vehicle are neutralized here. Cars with high horsepower or people/drivers who are often under stress, such as field staff who are often on business trips, are particularly affected.
    The small antenna or the car plug of the room oasis can be removed and plugged into the 12V car socket in order to be able to travel comfortably and stress-free in the car permanently.
    fürs Auto

    All properties described here are only observations and are not promises of salvation.
    Please always consult a doctor for all complaints.

    If you have any questions, call me on +49 8801 3950318 . You can also fill out the contact form. Thanks very much

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