HAPPY HAIR - Basic (100 ml)

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by Yogana

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    HAPPY HAIR BASIC 100 % nature, viscous, balancing natural shampoo, produced in small quantities with high-quality herbal complex and purest natural potassium olivate of highest quality. For all hair types, including dyed hair.
    In combination with 999 COSMICCROWN (also available as Delphinset 1) a wonderful holistic care product for hair, scalp and aura around the head!

    Herbal Natural Shampoo
    Water, potassium olivate, coconut extract, basil oil (Ocimum basilicum), ginger root oil (Zingiber officinale), ginseng root extract (Panax ginseng), marigold extract (Calendula officinalis), natural vitamin E (tocopherol - natural antioxidant from rice, fights free radicals), geranium oil (Pelargonium graveolens)

    If you have any questions, call me on +49 8801 3950318 . You can also fill out the contact form. Thanks very much

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