Delphinset 2 Yogana for the face

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    Small Set for the Face

    Delphin Set 2   

    • Happy Face & Body 100ml
    • Happy Lips 3,6g
    • 999 - The Miracle 15ml
    • 999 - Face Dream 15ml
    • Happy Summer 15ml 

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    100% natural facial and body cleansing / shower lotion is made from selected plant extracts and the purest oils of the highest quality. Distribute a few drops between the palms of your hands and then massage gently into damp skin - ideally leave it to take effect.

    Wash off Balancing, detoxifying and nourishing according to ancient knowledge from ancient Chinese Chen medicine. Makes skin velvety soft.

    999 HAPPY LIPS

    lip balm with 100% natural ingredients and refined gold is ideal for significantly and visibly improving the lip contour. It brings out a light, silky shine on your lips and gives the feeling of a little more fullness. Precious, moisturizing, natural and purely herbal ingredients give your lips more volume.

    999 The Miracle
    100% natural & 999 gold? this literally wonderful recipe for mature and stressed skin is based on ancient knowledge from ancient China. The gold nectar for the face with the purest fine gold balances yin and yang and stimulates cell metabolism and protein biosynthesis in the skin.

    999 FACE DREAM

    is a face tonic that gives sensitive, impure, irritated skin what it needs.

    Like a vitamin cocktail, it nourishes the skin in the morning and in the evening and improves the nutrient environment and the metabolism of the skin cells.

    The skin is thus able to regenerate and renew itself sustainably and continuously.
    Works wonders and provides relief from acne, eczema, sunburn and other skin irritations. Is fast and high-vibrating and absorbs immediately.

    HAPPY SUMMER is a 100% natural skin care product for staying in the sun, because its light sun protection makes the skin more resistant to harmful UVA and UVB rays. With an anti-aging effect straight from nature, the cream slows down skin aging, for example on the décolleté.

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