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Body-Harmony bracelet

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    Quote from the developer Josef Schwarzkopf:

    “When data is transmitted, microwaves are created. Particular attention should be paid to transmissions from 4G and 5G devices as well as from transmitters. The waves are received and emitted at the receiving device; they store (solidify) the fluids of living beings. The red blood cells are stressed, there is a reduced oxygen uptake. The data carriers communicate with one another and intensify the freezing process. Therefore, gatherings of several people with cell phones etc. must be given greater consideration. By wearing the Body-Harmony, the microwave frequencies that have an impact on the outside and are stored on the body are eliminated. "

    Microwave frequencies deform the structure of water and blood. This leads to decreased oxygen uptake, which can lead to health problems. For this reason - to neutralize microwave frequencies - the Body-Harmony was developed by Josef Schwarzkopf.

    Body-Harmony is able to relieve the pathological frequencies in the perineural direct current system that have accumulated and accumulated over the years due to electrosmog in the human repair system.

    The engraving of the Body-Harmony reproduces the painting by the artist Rudolf Graf "Encounter" from 1995: cosmic rays meet earth rays. Will this vision come true?


    The Body-Harmony has a Velcro fastener so that the individual perfect size can be adjusted.


    All the properties described here are only observations and are not promises of salvation.
    Please always consult a doctor with any complaints.

    If you have any questions, call me on +49 8801 3950318 . You can also fill out the contact form. Thanks very much

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