alkaline bath (1,2 Kg)

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    alkaline bath

    Alkaline mineral bath salt concentrate

    • Gentle alkaline pH
    • Helps with deacidification and detoxification through the skin
    • Stimulates the self-oiling of the skin


    Sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium carbonate, gemstone powder from: garnet, carnelian, citrine, rhodochrosite, calcedony, lapis lazuli, amethyst; Ursalz from the Zechsteinmeer, sun-treated and natural bentonite, montmorillite.

    Spa treatment: 3 full baths / week
    Maintenance: 1 full alkaline bath / week
    Bathing time: at least 60 minutes, since the deacidification only starts after about 30 minutes.

    Alkaline bath full bath: 2.5 cap
    Alkaline bathing Sitz bath: 1.5 cap
    Alkaline baths foot bath: 1 cap

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