999 Inner Light LM 100ml Yogana (100 ml)

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by Yogana

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    strengthens the LIVER and Spleen meridian

    Apply 1 - 2 teaspoons to the chakras in the morning and evening, preferably before eating, but more often and more if urgently needed. This extraordinary composition was consumed in ancient times, but the EU regulation does not allow oil with fine gold to be consumed.

    999 INNER LIGHT LM 100% natural + 999 gold nourishes the life energy in the meridians of the liver and spleen and gets stagnant liver energy flowing. Liver and spleen are causally related. A strong spleen chi is associated with beautiful red lips. In ancient Chinese knowledge, the spleen is responsible for the transport and transformation of nourishing substances into the body via the blood. The liver stores this essence and releases it into the body as needed. Healthy nails signal good liver chi. When Liver Chi stagnates, irritation, insomnia, easy fatigability, and anxiety are favored. Premenstrual syndrome can occur. Skin aging is greatly reduced by an energetically strong liver and spleen. It is based on the traditional recipe called Xiao Yao San (Ease Powder), one of the most popular combinations to get stagnant energy flowing in the liver and spleen meridians. In addition, ginseng root extract is the great classic in ancient Chinese Chen medicine to replenish chi and strengthen the spleen and stomach meridians. Is always used when there is an energetic spleen/stomach weakness. Licorice root has a harmonizing effect and ginger increases effectiveness.

    999 INNER LIGHT LM is precious and multifunctional - a very good accompaniment for a long, healthy life.

    Feingold has a very special bioelectric conductivity due to complex, spagyric processing. "Lights up" our body and raises consciousness. Improves the nutrient environment of the skin cells and their metabolism. As a result, the valuable ingredients can be optimally absorbed, passed on and utilized and a lasting and noticeable effect unfolds. Eliminates blockages and gets the energy flowing again. When the energy in our body can flow again like a river without hindrance, health and well-being is the ultimate result. If we manage to stay "in the flow", our youthfulness will be preserved longer, which also affects the appearance of the skin.


    olive oil
    Olea Europaea
    basil oil
    Ocimum basilicum
    ginger root oil
    Zingiber Officinale
    ginseng root extract
    Panax ginseng
    Salivaweed Root Extract
    Atractylodes macrocephala
    Rabbit Ear Root Extract
    Bupleurum Chinense
    Licorice Root Extract
    Glycyrrhiza Glabra - flowering herb
    purest 999 fine gold

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