999 Inner Light HN 100ml Yogana Universal Chi Gold Oil (100 ml)

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    strengthens the heart and kidney meridian

    999 INNER LIGHT – H N 100% nature plus 999 gold nourishes the life energy

    in the heart and kidney meridians and makes stagnating life energy flow again.
    Based on the ancient formulation of Huan Shao Dan.

    how ? – Mornings and evenings ideally before meals, apply 1—2 teaspoons on chakras, in
    urgent cases more and more often. In the Far East this extraordinary composition is mostly
    ingested. According to EU-regulations, for example gold and liqueur or gold and champagne
    may be ingested, but not gold and oil.

    Why ? – Ancient Chinese Chen-medicine states that a strong kidney-chi has a positive effect on life energy and definitely slows down the aging process. At the same time it is believed that weak kidney-chi leads, among others, to impotence.

    In ancient Chinese Chen-medicine a strong heart-chi results above all in “strong and lively” blood.

    Wild Yam: is used in traditional formulations to strengthen the kidney-chi and to make life
    energy pulsate, but also against urinary tract infections, digestion problems, lack of appetite,
    fatigue. It stimulates the body’s own DHEA-production. DHEA stands for De-Hydro-Epi-
    Androsterone, a precursor to testosterone (male sexual hormone) and estrogen (female sexual

    Our modern life, stress, lack of exercise and wrong diet massively hampers the production of the body’s own DHEA. From age 30 it goes down and at age 45 it is normally at 2/3 compared to a 30-year-old person. Healthy, vital people age 60 plus have a significantly higher DHEA-concentration in their blood than their sickly, frail peers and, of course, Alzheimer
    patients. Latest studies indicate that wild yam also plays a role in preventing coronary/circulation conditions, osteoporosis, overweight and weak memory.

    Wolfberry (goji berry): supports the immune system, reduces heightened levels of cholesterol and blood sugar,against hypertension and premature aging, strengthens liver and constrains cancer.

    Red date: used against anemia and heart palpitations, which is seen in connection with a weak heart energy.

    Pure gold: It has also been called the “sunlight” for our body; due to complex spagyric preparation it has a very special bioelectric conductivity. It improves the nourishing milieu of the skin cells and their metabolism. The valuable ingredients can be perfectly absorbed, transported and integrated. The effect is sustainable and can be experienced immediately. It eliminates blockages, allows energies to flow again and protects against outside energies and mind-control.

    Camellia seed oil (Camellia oleifera), ginger root extract (Zingiber officinale), wild yam root extract
    (Dioscorea villosa – anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, keeps us young and vital, natural aphrodisiac),
    wolfberry extract (Lycium barbarum), red date extract (Zizyphus jujuba), purest 999 pure gold.


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