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    strengthens the internal glands

    In the stress of everyday life, we are all too often prone to unhealthy lifestyle habits and unhealthy eating (particularly too much animal fat/meat), which, according to ancient Chen Medicine, creates damp-heat. Moist heat weakens or destroys the flow of energy and causes painful swelling. The consequences are negative energy and poor overall health.

    On the other hand, if the kidney energy is strengthened, according to Chen medicine, this also strengthens the spleen and regulates the flow of chi, which in turn stimulates the vital energy. This gradually reduces Damp-Heat congestion in the body, reduces swelling and increases male Yang energy (vital energy).

    Inner Light HA accompanies you as a valuable and useful basic product throughout your life and revitalizes your male vitality thanks to an ancient "magic formula".

    Excerpt from the list of active ingredients:

    Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds: Ease bladder irritation and urinary problems, reduce the above-mentioned humid-heat caused by unhealthy eating, and strengthen the Kidney Essence in conjunction with ancient secret herbal formulas.

    Rice Germ Oil: Helps Maintain Both Health and Beauty! Rice germ oil in combination with sesame oil was already used in Chen medicine to strengthen the prostate and prevent prostate diseases.

    Pure essential camellia seed oil (tea seed oil): High vitamin E content, which counteracts free radicals and stops or slows down cell-damaging processes in the human organism. Can relieve blood congestion and is often used in Chen medicine to combat premature aging.

    Ginseng root: This very versatile medicinal plant has been cultivated in China for thousands of years. The Chinese attribute stimulating properties to it, which preserve youth. Ginseng has a general invigorating effect on the organism, it contains a large number of valuable nutrients and vitamins. Ginseng is used as a strengthening and invigorating agent, for feelings of tiredness and weakness as well as for lack of concentration.

    Feingold: Is also referred to as "sunlight" for our body, has a very special bioelectric conductivity through complex, spagyric processing ("body", "spirit" and "soul" are obtained through lengthy processes). Improves the nutrient environment of the skin cells and their metabolism. As a result, the valuable ingredients can be optimally absorbed and a long-lasting and noticeable effect unfolds. Feingold is the beauty elixir for strong, shiny hair and smooth, clear skin. More information about the secret of alchemical gold.

    Application: Apply 1-2 full teaspoons to the chakras in the morning and evening, preferably before eating. In case of urgent need, the application is also possible more often.

    Important note: This extraordinary composition was consumed in ancient times, but oil with fine gold is not permitted to be consumed in EU regulations.

    Contents: pumpkin seed oil, rice germ oil, camellia seed oil, ginseng root extract, goji berry fruit extract, sesame seed oil, purest 999 fine gold

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