Happy LIFE Chi Balancer Yogana (35 ml)

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    Chi-Balancer with Pure Gold

    Damascene rose water (Rosa damascena), angelica root extract (Angelica Dahurica),
    licorice root extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra – flowering herb, used for millennia as food and medicine),
    Pagoda tree root extract (Sophora angustifolia), skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis), organic hyaluronic acid (ultimate moisture), jojoba seed oil (Simmondsia chinensis), natürliches Vitamin E (tocopherol – natural antioxidant from rice, fights free radicals), purest 999 pure gold.

    999 HAPPY LIFE makes the white fat with its stored toxins melt and promotes strengthened connective tissue by balancing the respective meridians. Purest 999 pure gold in combination with a healing herbal formula that is thousands of years old and confirmed by latest research findings are the foundation of 999 HAPPY LIFE.

    HOW ? – Apply 999 HAPPY LIFE mornings and evenings generously on complete neck for about 3 weeks in order to energize the meridians that flow through that area. Only after this period apply on problem areas of the body (Note: Always include neck!).

    WHY ?
    • Chen-medicine holds that brown fat (as opposed to white fat in which the body also stores waste products) promotes the burning of calories and of white fat. Supporting the growth of brown fat is a major goal in controlling weight, as it “melts” white fat in which, as mentioned before, the body stores toxins and waste products. Brown and white fat have totally different origins. Brown fat is healthy and the result of muscular function. It is also strongly related to bone growth. The white “wobbly” fat carries waste products that the body does not need any longer and cannot get rid of.

    • Brown fat decreases with the ageing process. The impulse to produce brown fat is concentrated in the area of the neck. 999 HAPPY LIFE facilitates this process.

    • According to ancient Chinese Chen-medicine the main cause of obesity is a lack of vital life energy and life force (stagnation). Life energy is the energy we bring with us before birth and which we manage in the course of our life. It is stored in the kidneys. A strong kidney-chi, therefore, stands for life force, nourishes bone structure and is also noticeable in strong, healthy hair, beautiful skin, and full lips.

    • For a period of three years these connections based on ancient Chinese knowledge were studied thoroughly and compared with latest research findings. It has been shown that with a general improvement of life energy it is possible to become gradually slimmer in a healthy way. Often healthier shiny hair, full lips and better skin can be experienced as further results.

    In order to strengthen vital life energy and life force as well as to refine inner harmony, a composition with very special herbs was developed – 999 HAPPY LIFE.

    If you have any questions, call me on +49 8801 3950318 . You can also fill out the contact form. Thanks very much

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