999 Cosmic Crown Yogana (15 ml)

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    Scalp Energizer with Pure Gold

    999 COSMIC CROWN with 999 pure gold; according to ancient traditions frankincense and myrrh stimulate the gallbladder meridian, which vitalizes the complete body from head to toe, including the kidney essence. Also effective against hair loss and itching/bleeding scalp. Allows for significantly longer hair washing intervals.

    how ? – Daily, morning and evening, with problematic scalp or hair even several times a day.
    Can also be applied after hair wash, then dry, brush or comb hair thoroughly. Applied at night, it can facilitate deep sleep.
    Rub 999 COSMIC CROWN well into scalp, especially on potentially problematic areas, as well as along gallbladder meridian (for location see left picture), neck, the two dimples on both sides of cervical spine, and down to the shoulders. Longer hair can be parted several times forbetter access to scalp.

    Why ? – According to Chen-medicine a blocked gallbladder meridian can lead to a weak kidney essence and physical or mental problems:

    1. Physical conditions: loss of hair, bald patches, gray hair, dandruff, itching scalp
    2. Mental problems: headaches, migraine, nervousness, fatigue, lack of concentration, learning difficulties and bad memory, bad quality of sleep.

    Loss of hair results mostly from a deprived liver essence and acidity of the scalp. In ancient Chinese Chen-medicine hair is the outer appearance of the kidneys. During and after menopause women experience a lack of kidney yin and chi, and this deficiency results in increasedacidity of the scalp and subsequent hair loss. As opposed to Chen-medicine, in our culture we consider hair loss in older people as normal. Life in our modern society of
    competitivenessgenerally requires more chi, which leads to a much earlier onset of hair loss.

    Another possible cause is a rising liver-fire, which virtually burns a circle into the hair on top of the head. This partial hair loss affects mostly men with unresolved anger. 999 COSMIC CROWN provides a path to keep the channels open, to stimulate the energy flow and to resolve stagnations. 999 pure gold is used to eliminate energetic imbalances and subsequent energy congestions in the meridians, in this case the gallbladder meridian.

    Damascene rose water, (Rosa damascena), organic hyaluronic acid (ultimate moisture), ginseng root extract (Panax ginseng), licorice root extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra – flowering herb, used as food and medicine for thousands of years), jojoba seed oil (Simmondsia chinensis), natural vitamin E (Tocopherol – natural antioxidant from rice, fights free radicals), myrrh oil (Commiphora myrrha), frankincense oil (Boswellia carteri), purest 999 refined gold.


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