Magic Deo 100ml Yogana (100 ml)

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    Energy Booster with Gold

    Rose distillate (Rosa damascena), orange blossom distillate (Citrus aurantium amara),
    lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia), flower oil of genuine chamomile (Chamomilla recutita),
    sandalwood oil (Santalum album), rose flower oil (Rosa damascena),
    rosewood oil (Aniba rosaeodora wood), purest 999 pure gold.
    999 MAGIC DEO - universal energy booster and excellent natural deodorant
    with purest 999 pure gold.

    HOW ?For the armpit; application can be extended to complete body, including head and
    hair, and even the aura. In case of strong perspiration, use
    999 HAPPY FEELING afterwards.
    Sprayed around head and body
    999 MAGIC DEO strengthens the aura and gets rid of fatigue;
    sprayed in the car, it promotes alertness on long drives. Also well suited as a cleansing and
    energizing room spray.

    WHY ?Due to the added 999 pure gold 999 MAGIC DEO has a stronger effect on energetically undersupplied areas than conventional products. It nourishes the skin with moisture and
    regulates the energy flow through the meridians, which in turn improves physical and mental
    wellbeing and resilience against the ever-growing level of electric smog.
    About electric smog:
    According to ancient Chinese Chen-medicine our body energy (chi) is an electromagnetic wave,
    which can be immensely impacted by the interferences of various electronic devices in our environment. All these devices emit “artificial” electromagnetic waves. Bearing this in mind, we
    can understand that a strengthened chi makes our body significantly more resilient against such
    electromagnetic influences.

    A disturbed chi-flow can result in:

    1) Physical problems:
    Thermal effects – temperature increase in the connective tissue – increased perspiration
    Associated imbalance of secretions
    Body odor
    Accelerated aging process of skin
    Decreased power of reproduction
    Hair loss
    2) Mental problems:
    Lack of attention and concentration
    Weakened learning abilities and memory

    If you have any questions, call me on +49 8801 3950318 . You can also fill out the contact form. Thanks very much

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