999 Inner Light AW 100ml Yogana (100 ml)

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    INNER LIGHT Alpha wave activity

    Apply 1 - 2 teaspoons to the chakras in the morning and in the evening, preferably before meals, but more often and more if necessary. In ancient times, this extraordinary composition was taken, in the EU regulation oil with fine gold is not permitted for ingestion.

    999 INNER LIGHT AW 100% nature + 999 gold can be very helpful for increasing the alpha wave activity in the brain so that you can go through life with happier and calmer thoughts. This makes it possible to be more creative when solving problems and to consolidate inner strength. It is known that alpha wave activity increases / increases during meditation or when practicing yoga or spiritual exercises, which in turn clears the mind and strengthens and relaxes the body-mind connection. "Happy fruits" (as often depicted in ancient Chen medicine books) strengthen chi and blood and help to become happier and calmer. Ginseng extract strengthens the heart chi, the life force and calms the mind. Improves the life force and slows down the aging process by strengthening Yin (closely related to life force, inner strength) and Yang (regulates the aging process).

    1. Improves inner strength and opens the door between consciousness and subconscious

    2. Purifies and clears mind & body through easier access to alpha consciousness (meditative state, state of being one / being connected to creation)

    3. Increases memory and the ability to store new information.

    4. Charges the Yin and Yang meridians and improves the body's natural rhythm.

    5. Leads to increased alpha waves in the brain (goes towards the ideal state of the brain).

    6. Improves intuition, calm mind, but also mental alertness and clarity.

    In the belief of the early Taoists, the physical and spiritual aspects of life are understood as indivisible. It is also closely related to the natural rhythm of the world or nature around us.


    Olive oil Olea Europaea
    Rose petal oil
    Sea buckthorn berries, Hippophae rhamnoides
    Pineapple Extract Pineapple Extract Sativus
    Banana Fruit Extract, Musa Sapientum
    Ginseng Root Extract, Panax Ginseng Root
    pure 999 fine gold

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