999 Happy Hands and Feet Yogana (35 ml)

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    Hand and Foot Balm with Gold

    Water (Aqua), shea nut (Butyrospermum parkii), potassium olivate, camellia seed oil (Camellia oleifera), tiger grass extract (Centella asiatica) – traditional use of Centella asiatica dates back to the 17th century and spread from India to Asia and from Africa to Latin America. Studies have emphasized the effective value against inflammations, tumors and ulcers, angelica root extract (Angelica acutiloba), oryzanol (strong natural anti-oxidant from rice bran oil, more active than vitamin E, lowers the level of cholesterol, reduces cholesterol synthesis in the liver, for treating dysfunctions during menopause), natural vitamin E (tocopheroll – natural antioxidant from rice, fights free radicals), myrrh oil (Commiphora Myrrha), purest 999 pure gold.

    999 HAPPY HANDS & FEET 100 % nature with 999 pure gold is a highly energetic balm for hands and feet. Strongly strengthens the healing chakras of the palms, the foot chakras (better grounding) and the aura.

    HOW ? – Apply on hands and feet mornings and evenings (ideally before going to bed). Used after a footbath, a perfect experience of wellbeing and increased effect can be enjoyed. When the callous skin (mostly on feet) becomes softer, gently remove it with pumice stone.

    WHY ?
    • Our hands and feet need extra care, because unlike other body areas they are not designed to supply themselves with sufficient lipids. We use our hands and feet more than other body parts to get to feel, touch, stroke, handle or caress. We transfer energy with our hand chakras and ground ourselves with our feet chakras. 999 HAPPY HANDS & FEET activates, strengthens and facilitates all these functions as it contributes to opening the respective chakras.

    • Chapped hands and feet are a common problem, intensified by toxic chemicals, water loss and excessive strain, e.g. at work. The skin around the fingertips and heels acts like a buffer trying to minimize impact and pressure. This can result in hardened skin and weals, which tend to become chappy earlier than normal healthy skin.


    • 999 HAPPY HANDS & FEET supplies the skin with natural and nourishing components and regulates the energy flow through the meridians and blood circulation. The great variety of natural oils nourishes dry and cold skin, whereas the added herbs improve the chi, thus intensifying the energy flow in the corresponding meridians. According to ancient Chinese Chen-medicine, a strong chi has a positive effect on our life energy. It states that chapped hands and feet are caused by chi-stagnations and congestion. Gently and consistently flowing chi and blood (without stagnation in liver and spleen) is considered to be the ideal state.

    • 999 HAPPY HANDS & FEET makes your hands and feet happy again!

    If you have any questions, call me on +49 8801 3950318 . You can also fill out the contact form. Thanks very much

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