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    In the extensive 50 m radius around the Qi Max (formerly Qi Business) you and your family/employees are excellently protected against harmful, non-ionised radiation.

    It absorbs these and measurably reduces the field strength in order to comply with the limit values ​​of the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance. This increases ATP production in the blood, noticeably improves concentration and reduces headaches caused by radiation exposure.

    The Qi Max works in the following areas:

    • energizing of water
    • generation of life energy
    • Protection from the harmful effects of radiation
    • air improvement
    • Improving the quality of food
    • necessary reduces electrosmog pollution in the room
    • energy available to the cell when the copper ring is touched
    • Conversion of harmful radiation into useful life energy

    Create a pleasant and stress-reduced working environment for yourself and your employees.

    Weight: 20kg

    wood: pine

    Size: 60 x 60 x 28 cm

    Effective range: 50 meters in radius (25 meters up and down)

    Study by Prof. Dartsch about water as PDF



    Studie von Prof. Dartsch über Wundheilung



    Qi Max Anleitung als PDF

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