Yogana Gold and nature

The secret of the YOGANA® effect from head to toe

All YOGANA® natural products stimulate the universal life energy, the so-called Chi, or harmonize its flow. We humans are - like everything else in life - a moving, shining energy field.

The extraordinary YOGANA® natural products are particularly valuable because they support the organism in the emerging difficulties of adapting to the new vibration and energy of our earth and because in the new "golden" age that is currently establishing itself and the associated collective awakening of humanity as high-vibrating "light food" Alchemical gold, the noblest of all metals, is known as a consciousness brightener and connector with the "divine" and from it emanates a very special spiritual and spiritual effect, which Hildegard von Bingen and Paracelsus already valued extremely highly.

Of the main meridians, which run through the body like nerve tracts and are indirectly connected to the individual organs, eight have a connection to the face and head.

Download here an interview (in German) about Yogana products with Ms. Lautner from Vienna.

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